India-China border flap

India and China have a long disputed border, which led to war between the two in 1962. India was soundly defeated by the Chinese, who had advanced a good distance into Indian territory, but withdrew unilaterally to what they considered their frontier with India. Since that time, the two countries have sporadically held talks to resolve their border dispute but without success. The McMohan Line, which demarcated the border between British India and China in the 19th century, is not accepted by the latter. The situation is not dissimilar to the Durand line, demarcating the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, which was also demarcated at the close of the 19th century by the British. In a sense both borders were imposed on weaker neighbors. Now there has been another flare-up on the India-China border. India has reportedly said that it would take “every possible step” to protect it’s interests. The Indians claim that the Chinese military has intruded 18km into previously Indian controlled territory along their disputed border. Although it cannot be ruled out, but the chances of this border conflict escalating into a full-fledged war are highly unlikely. The current imbroglio is likely to be resolved between the two Asian giants through negotiations. Despite mutual mistrust, they have developed a large volume of trade; so an armed conflict would destroy this linkage and would be of no benefit to either country.


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