Gaza Erupts in Violence

It is the same blood soaked violence in Gaza once again.Israel and Hamas are squaring off in an unequal contest:: indiscrimnate rockets launched from Gaza against Israeli cities and the expected disproportionate response against what Israel calls Hamas militants. Israel has reportedly leveled the building housing the office of the Hamas Prime Minister.  Israeli planes have also  hit a number of buildings in Gaza killing a large number of innocent inhabitants including women and children.If the current round of fighting escalates into an Israeli ground assault on Gaza,  the death and destruction could equal or even exceed the toll which occurred when Israel launched a similar  operation in Gaza in  2008. The UN Security Council (UNSC) has so far not been able to stop the fighting by arranging a ceasefire. This is a further affirmation that if the P5 are supporting one or the other side,  the UNSC becomes ineffective as it did in the Syrian civil war a few weeks back. Egypt, Turkey and Qatar are trying to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Let’s hope that the P5 support their effort instead of largely remaining bystanders.  Israel’s  response to the rocket fire from Gaza is not going to resolve the long standing  underlying issues between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Only meaningful negotiations between the combatants can lead to a cessation of hostilities. Both sides have to be encouraged  to eschew the path of violence and move towards a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Absent the political will in Israel and Hamas such violent eruptions are likely to recur again and again without benefit to either Israel or Hamas and thus innocent people in the area will pay the price of such hostilities..


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